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During the 70’s and 80’s, Idaho was known for its fantastic pheasant hunting. In 1984 we had several of our family and friends here for the traditional opening day hunt. The celebration that evening included a large pot of chili made with beans raised on our farm. The next morning, three of the revelers were walking down the drive toward the barn and all simultaneously expelled their pent up gasses. One turned to me and said, “Damn, you really have to take the farts out of these beans” and without a moments hesitation I replied “You bet, next year I will grow Fartless® beans!”. With that, Fartless® was born! My wife made up some large sacks on which we penned Fartless® Pinto Beans, and we gave them away as gifts. The next year everyone wanted more and even offered to pay for them. We went in to R&D immediately and in October of 1986, we had our first sale of Fartless® Pinto Beans to a grocery store in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Since that time, we have expanded our product line with new items being created constantly. Among those products are the original famous Fartless® Chili Makin’s and our award winning Fartless® Black Bean Salsa. We have grown from packaging product on our back porch to the warehouse we operate from today. However, we are still a family owned business and plan to stay that way.

We are proud of our small farm heritage and do everything possible to keep all production in house and hands on. Our bags start as large rolls of fabric and are made here by hand. We cut, print, sew, stuff, fill and close the bags here at the Fartless® Factory. We purchase food ingredients locally and source everything else from US suppliers. When we bring back our popular line of ceramics, they will also be made right here. We do this to ensure you get a top quality product, 100% made in the USA.

We keep our food product line as pure as possible without any added color stabilizers or preservatives. We believe this not only makes our products healthy, but enhances the flavor as well. In the future, we plan to add a few certified organic products to the Fartless® line. Our goal is simple: We will provide you with a top quality product, packed in humor.



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