All of our bagged products are stuffed by hand.  Sometimes, there can be a mistake and a recipe/instruction card might not find it’s way into your bag of Fartless® Products.  If that is the case, you have our sincere apologies and we ask that you please use the appropriate link below to download the missing instructions. If you would like one sent to you in the mail, please use the contact us form to send your request.


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Download “Fartless® Chili Makin's Recipe” Fartless-Chili-Makins-Recipe.pdf – Downloaded 93 times – 88 KB

Download “Fartless® Beer Bread Recipe” Fartless-Beer-Bread-Recipe.pdf – Downloaded 63 times – 82 KB

Download “Fartless® 16 Bean Soup Recipe” Fartless-16-Bean-Soup-Recipe.pdf – Downloaded 68 times – 92 KB

Download “Fartless® Corn Bread Recipe” Fartless-Corn-Bread-Recipe.pdf – Downloaded 68 times – 71 KB

Download “Fartless® Popping Corn Recipe” Fartless-Popping-Corn-Recipe.pdf – Downloaded 56 times – 81 KB

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